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We create well-made, comfortable and timeless clothing for women who not only care about fashion,
but also care about supporting an industry that benefits the planet and all people


Our Sustainability Promise

A sustainable slow fashion brand, we focus on quality rather than time. We are dedicated to a sustainable manufacturing process at every step, from the first stitch to when the beautiful garment is delivered to your door. That's why Zenelle products are made in small batches from organic natural materials and plant dyes grown locally in Bali. We also work closely with small local family businesses who carefully make each Zenelle piece by hand, for good wages and in a peaceful work environment.

Our manufacturing process evolved from extensive study and understanding of the environmental and social impact we have on the planet. And we are striving to become a pioneer in the ethical slow fashion market.

  • Here’s how you wash your Zenelle:
    Turn garment inside out. Hand wash separately with natural/gentle detergent in lukewarm water. Do not soak longer than 15mins. Rinse in fresh water before drying. Dry flat in shade, direct sunlight will fade your beautiful piece! Do not bleach For best results lightly spray with water prior to ironing. Iron inside out. Make sure your iron is set to the appropriate setting!
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