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We create well-made, comfortable and timeless clothing for women who not only care about fashion, but also care about supporting an industry that benefits the planet and all people

Our Sustainability Promise 

We commit ourselves to:
● Using only natural & organically grown fabrics
● Using only plant-based, non-toxic dyes
● Supporting local family businesses in Bali
● Using buttons made from natural materials such as wood, coconut, shell or bamboo
● Using 100% recycled silver & brass in our jewelry line
● Always offering fair wages and a stress-free work environment
● Offering timeless designs that you can keep and don’t have to ditch by the end of the season

Asa sustainable slow fashion brand, we focus on quality rather than time. We are dedicated to a sustainable manufacturing process at every step, from the first stitch to when the beautiful garment is delivered to your door. That's why Zenelle products are made in small batches from organic natural materials and plant dyes grown locally in Bali. We also work closely with small local family businesses who carefully make each Zenelle piece by hand, for good wages and in a peaceful work environment.

Our manufacturing process evolved from extensive study and understanding of the environmental and social impact we have on the planet. And we are striving to become a pioneer in the ethical slow fashion market.

Our Fabrics:
● Organic cotton: grows without using synthetic chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and other toxic chemicals. It’s more eco-friendly than conventional cotton and safe for your skin, protecting you from allergies and other skin concerns.

●Hemp: has been farmed since the beginning of agriculture and has a fairly low environmental impact. Clothing made of hemp fiber is extremely durable, lightweight, absorbent, and UV- and mold-resistant which makes it an excellent fabric for outdoor wear.

●Ramie: is a bast fiber crop and one of the oldest fiber crops, having been used for at least 6,000 years. It’s resistant to bacteria, mildew, alkalis, rotting and insect attack and also extremely absorbent which makes it super comfortable to wear.

●Linen: is considered to be the strongest of all-natural fibers. It is a natural fiber with a lower environmental impact than cotton. Breathable and highly absorbent – what a luxurious material!

Our Dyes: We at Zenelle work with CV. Tarum, a leading family-owned business in East Bali. They use different leaves for their colors, such as indigo from tarum leaf, red from secang wood, yellow from mango leaf, brown from mahogany leaf, black from ketapang leaf and more. Each plant is unique, and the magic of nature plays the most vital role in this process, which makes the result of each creation a one-of-a-kind piece.

Our Buttons: we use coconut buttons with a variety of colors and drawings to add artistic touch to our pieces.